Day 19 – 20

Badlands panarama

Today was another chance to enjoy some beautiful scenery whilst travelling this vast country. Whilst heading towards the site of my next visit I found myself passing through the Badlands. The Badlands are an amazing site sticking out of the prairie, pillars of soft limey rock visible from many miles away, leading your eyes towards them in curiosity. I was lucky enough to have time for a (very short) walk through this awesome place.

Badlands awesome viewBadlands pinnacles


This must have been quite an awesome site for travellers heading west, a welcome break from the hundreds of miles of repetitive terrain on the way across South Dakota.

Badlands ladder

In the evening I settled in to another budget motel in Rapid City and thought about the next visit to the Journey Museum. I think it’s quite apt to have a ‘Journey Museum’ in the project as this has been one epic Journey so far!


This morning was yet another beautiful sunny day, I think the good weather must be following my journey so far as it has only rained on me twice over the last few weeks. I don’t know if it’s a case of fortune favours the brave, good Karma or just sheer luck but I ain’t complaining!

Arriving early at the Journey Museum on Labour day (a popular holiday here) I looked up in awe at the beautiful building. They don’t do things by half over here!

Journey museum outside

Inside the building was well set out with a theatre in the middle. There was a really interesting timeline showing the ages and positions of all the layers of rocks in the area. The bulk of the displays depicting the various local finds from different periods of history, dinosaurs through to modern.

Wheel and saddle

There wasn’t much to be seen here as regards Wheelwrighting or vehicles, there was the odd wagon etc dotted about but with no massive significance. There was however a massive nave/hub on display. This I found interesting although it was not original and was only a prop from outside a shop (before donation to the museum), it was an interpretation of an original timber wagon wheel. Similar to a timber bog back home in the UK these things would have massive wheels on them capable of crossing rugged terrain pulled by teams of horses, oxen or mules. This is the kind of vehicle I could imagine was needed in some of these harsh environments to get the job done!

massive nave

Despite the lack of Wheelwrighting memorabilia I really enjoyed my visit to the Journey Museum and would recommend a visit to anyone, there are even a lot of interactive parts for kids (and big kids like me).

Dino munch

Now to see what else the area has to entice me!…